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Presseschau: AFET holds exchange of views with German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

The AFET committee heard German Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier talk on the fight against terrorism in light of the recent Paris attacks, Germany's "open border" policy and the situation in Syria and Ukraine.


"...Sabine Lösung (GUE/NGL, DE) had a question on Afghanistan. She said that Germany was currently carrying out there a poster campaign to convince people not to use people smugglers to escape from their countries and come to Europe. The Afghan Minister for refugees has apparently confirmed this and asked Germany to accept more refugees and refrain from deporting any more asylum-seekers. She wanted to know more about his position on the return of the Afghan refugees. She believed that the UN should be given Syria’s mandate, as German NATO Secretary Domrose has recently raised it. Ms Lösung wanted to know if more robust support could be guaranteed for this to happen...."


The full text "AFET holds exchange of views with German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs" is to be found on the webpage of The Parliament Magazine.

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