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Britain must make a decision about Brexit

"The Tory elite is toying with the lives of millions across the continent, says Gabi Zimmer"

Gabriele ZIMMER

Gastbeitrag von Gabi Zimmer bei Left Food forward


"Theresa May and her Conservative party – torn apart by vicious in-fighting, and held hostage by an ultra-conservative bible-bashing party on which her thin government majority depends for survival – are forcing the terms of Brexit down to the wire. This threatens all the safeguards that the European Parliament has been fighting for since the summer of 2016. 

Yet whilst we have been unambiguous about our demands, deadlines for a clear response from the UK government have come and gone with disheartening regularity: the December EU Council, the legal notification date in January 2019, the six-week deadline for shipping companies trading between East Asia and the United Kingdom… Even the original Brexit day itself.

This is unacceptable.


For all the complicated jargon and wrangling over Brexit, for the Left it comes down to protecting citizens’ rights and peace. As a member of the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group, I have first and foremost fought to ensure that Parliament focuses on securing guarantees on EU and UK citizens’ rights and the preservation of the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts. The constitutional foundation of democratic dialogue, which has underpinned the peace process in Ireland, must be protected..."

The full-text article can be found online here.

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