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Presseschau: Besetzung der Ausschüsse im Europaparlament

11. Juli 2019


Elections to offices of parliamentary committees prefigure future political balance of power

"MEPs have essentially elected, for a period of two and a half years, all the presidents and a large majority of the vice-presidents of the 20 parliamentary committees and the two subcommittees of the European Parliament on Wednesday 10 July.

As expected, the cordon sanitaire was applied to prevent far-right MEPs from taking over positions of responsibility, which could have been theirs if MEPs had fully respected the distribution of posts according to the d'Hondt rule (see EUROPE B12293A4).

Among the partially postponed elections are the Committees on Foreign Affairs (AFET), Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI), Education and Culture (CULT), and Constitutional Affairs (AFCO). Only a complete postponement has been planned for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) (see EUROPE B12293A3).


By acclamation, Nikos Androulakis (S&D, Greece) was elected 1st Vice-President, as were the 3rd and 4th Vice-Presidents, Özlem Demirel (GUE/NGL) of Germany and Lukas Mandl (EPP) of Austria. The second Vice-President, Hungarian Kinga Gal (EPP), had to face a secret ballot, which she won. (Original version in French by the editorial staff)."

The full-text article is to be found here.

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