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Ecuador: What’s next for ecological justice and human rights?

Roundtable debate on struggles against corporate impunity in Ecuador and prospects for a UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights


When: 7 November 2023 (17.00 - 18.30)

Where: in the European Parliament (Brussels) - Treves 9V 40



Topics: Chevron Texaco case, protection of the Yasuní National Park, negotiations on the UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights, Trade and Sustainability under the Trade Agreement between the EU and Colombia, Peru and Ecuador




Draft Programme


Welcome and opening remarks

  • Helmut Scholz, MEP (17.00 - 17.05)


Struggles for ecological justice & human rights in the aftermath of the national elections


Prospects for justice of the victims of Chevron

  • Pablo Fajardo, lawyer, lawsuit against Chevron’s destruction in the Ecuadorian Amazon (17.10 - 17.20)
  • MEP/NGO reaction (tbc) (17.20 - 17.25)


Freedom of association and human rights abuses in the banana sector

  • Diana Montoya Ramos, coordinator of agricultural trade union ASTAC (17.25 - 17.30)
  • Jorge Acosta Orellana, founder and general coordinator of ASTAC (17.25 - 17.35)
  • Brussels Regional Government reaction (tbc) (17.35 - 17.40)


Protection of the Yasuní National Park: State of play

  • Mayra Piaguaje, indigenous leader and activist for the protection of the Yasuní National Park, Ecuador (17.40 - 17.50)
  • MEP/NGO reaction (tbc) (17.50 - 17.55)


Trade and Sustainability: The EU’s role and negotiations on a UN Binding Treaty

  • Exchange of views (17.55 - 18.25)
  • Closing remarks: Helmut Scholz (18.25-18-30)


More information

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