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Montag, 29. Januar 2018, 19:00 - 21:30, Brüssel

Reclaim the Manifesto of Ventotene

The idea of European integration emerged from anti-fascist movements. Criticising the autarkic economy attempt to escape political regulation and democratic participation, the authors of the Manifesto of Ventotene, written 75 years ago, pre-empted the political battle against the totalitarian side of neoliberalism.

Given the current development of the EU, we see a critical reappropriation of the Manifesto of Ventotene, in a post-Fordist world, as necessary.

We have therefore asked left-wing intellectuals from several EU states to reassess the Manifesto of Ventotene.

We will publish their visions, thoughts and ideas in an e-book which we will present on the 29th of January.

We invite you to join the e-book presentation and the debate with the authors!

The following authors will be present: Luciana Castellina, Lubos Blaha, Dimitris Christopoulos, Frieder Otto Wolf, Jean-Pierre Dubois, Judith Dellheim and Michalis Spourdalakis.


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