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Schlagwort: EU-Afghanistan-Deal

    • Cornelia Ernst

    GUE/NGL MEPs condemn new proposals on dirty deal with Libya on refugees

    GUE/NGL MEPs have condemned the proposals presented yesterday by the European Commission and the High Representative on new actions in cooperation with Libya that aim to block people from reaching Europe.   The proposed actions (which could be called an EU-Libya deal) focus mostly on supporting border control and interception of refugees and migrants, and are expected to cost around 200 million euros ...
    • Sabine Lösing

    GUE/NGL blasts ‘shameful’ EU blackmail of Afghan asylum seekers

    GUE/NGL MEPs denounced in strong terms the EU agreement with the Afghan government that allows member states to deport an unlimited number of the country’s asylum seekers, and obliging the Afghan government to receive them. A memo leaked earlier had shown that the EU threatened to strip Afghanistan of aid if the country rejected the deal ...
    • Sabine Lösing

    Schon wieder ein Abschiebe-Deal

    Sabine Lösing, Koordinatorin der Linksfraktion GUE/NGL im Ausschuss für Äußere Angelegenheiten (AFET), am 26. Oktober im Straßburger Plenum:   "Schon wieder ein Abschiebe-Deal à la EU-Türkei, der zeigt worum es gehen soll. Der „Gemeinsame Weg nach vorne bei Migrationsfragen“ hat das Ziel: Die EU-Staaten sollen künftig deutlich einfacher geflüchtete Menschen nach Afghanistan zurückschicken ...

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Konföderale Fraktion der Vereinten Europäischen Linken/Nordische Grüne Linke (GUE/NGL)